Finally got my OnePlus One.. Unboxing!

After a much anticipated wait I finally received my invite from OnePlus One.

For those of you that don't know, OnePlus is less than a year old, but it has already slapped a great big wet fish across the faces of major mobile phone manufacturers. Its first phone, the OnePlus One, has many of the same specs as their £500+ phones, but costs just £229.

The One is slightly different, however, as it didn’t go the network route, preferring instead to oversee the entire retail aspect itself – sort of like how Google retails its Nexus devices in Google Play. The phone itself comes unlocked, meaning the consumer is free to shop around for the best tariff in the country. Also, because doing things this way allows OnePlus to keep additional, variable costs (marketing, advertising, distribution) well below those undertaken by Samsung and HTC, it can pass on the savings to the consumer.

Not heard of OnePlus or its One phone? As the nerd phone sensation of the year, it's a sign you may have healthy social skills and a non-dysfunctional relationship with the Internet. Well done you. But I think it's really about time you two got acquainted.


Every heard of 'rare as hens teeth', well this most defiantly applies here...

This is probably one of the main things that consumers are currently getting annoyed with. As the marketing is done via OnePlus themselves it means you cant just choose to buy one but have to be selected by them via an invite. Only then can you receive the phone. 

If you register on the website you will be made aware of competitions or invite giveaways. This is normally something to like 'smash the past'  where you break your current phone or promote the brand via social media. Register and keep an eye out. 

I received the invite last week and as is to be expected, the invite is only open for 24hrs. As such I didn't waste time and snapped up the offer. I selected the Sandstone 64GB version.

I will be posting the review and specs soon so watch this space.

See below for my unboxing;


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