Amazon Fire... What?? Another smartphone to add to the confusion

You probably may not know this but I'm quite a big fan of tech. :) 

Even though I have an iPhone 5s I keep an eye out on new relatively reasonably priced android phones as a backup or new toy to experiment with.

Oppo 7
OnePlus One

Originally I was after the Oppo Find 7, the decision was done and done but a spanner in the works when Cynogen teamed up with Oppo to create the OnePlus One. This again had amazing specifications but the excitement has slightly dwindled. This is due to only being able to purchase one via an invite. For the invite you have to smash your old phone, or rave about it the OnePlus One publicly to stand a chance of being one of the lucky few that get selected. 

That episode aside, I now find out that Amazon have released a smartphone called the Amazon Fire which has a pretty sweet spec sheet. Ok, I know its not a true android as you will get amazon custom firmware but it will be based on android. Only thing is that its currently not available in the UK. 
Some will say get a Nexus 5 but compared to these it looks dull and dated. As much as I love the HTC One or Samsung S5 its not what I am after. As my everyday device I will stick with my iPhone.

All of these devices have premium aesthetics and specifications without the premium price tag, which is exactly what I am after.

Watch this space to see what I eventually decide to buy...


Find 7

OnePlus One

Amazon Fire

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