The Tech

This page is about the technology I have, setup, and issues I face. This is then captured so it can potentially help someone else.

Regardless of the items I've posted below, if you need help with anything tech please contact me and I will help if I can!


-  What is NVRAM / PRAM
-  Install Windows on MacBook via Boot Camp
-  Remove Windows Boot Camp partition
-  Boot Camp issues - No bootable device error
-  Boot Camp issues - No device drivers found error
-  Boot Camp issues - Frozen install screen
-  AntiVirus for Mac OS X
-  Save £500 on MacBook Pro purchase or any Macbook / UK keyboard VS US keyboard
-  Which MacBook to buy? Choices choices
-  Gaming CS:S on MacBook, OS X VS Windows 7 (Boot Camp)
-  Watch and convert .avi files on OS X Mavericks for use with iMovie


-  Converting 1X or 8X to accomodate 16X PCI-e graphics card

Tablets & Phones

-  OnePlus One unboxing
-  Amazon Fire
-  iPhone charger cable
-  Watch the footy
-  Cheaper Nexus 7 2nd gen
-  Root Nexus 7
-  Purchase Nexus 7 2nd gen


-  Gaming CS:S on MacBook, OS X VS Windows 7 (Boot Camp)  



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