IOS 7 Lightning charger cable woes - How to use third-party cables and buying cheaper alternatives

With the introduction of IOS 7 it has come to light that Apple have found a new way to annoy their loyal fan base by dictating what cable you can and can't use for you devices. I do understand the argument that its a premium product and you shouldn't use cheap copies that could potentially damage the device but that alone is not a great enough argument for Apple to warrant harsh rules. 
I worked for an Apple approved repair centre and can honestly say that incidents related to to power cables was less that 1% where water damage and smashed screens being the most common.

Original or approved cables apparently have a chip which allows them to authenticate and not get the error above. If you are purchasing a third-party cables ensure they are MFI certified. These will work without any errors. 

The good news is that some third-party cables do still work. I purchased a cheapy one from Amazon which gives the error message but still charges the phone. I also have a Belkin car charger (wanted one with higher amperage for the car) which still works perfectly fine without the errors.

As I'm a sucker for a bargain, while at Poundland, I saw some lightening cables and thought heck, why not get one for every room (as you do). These no longer work with IOS7. There is not much you can do with these cables but I will highlight a workaround to at least make them more useful than a shoe lace.


Non-Jailbroken device

Ok, as you are still reading I'm guessing you are unfortunate enough to have a cable that no longer works. Some earlier iterations of IOS 7 did allow "plug -> unlock -> unplug -> plug" method to get them to work, which you may have already read or tried. This will no longer work. 

The only way I have been able to get my poundland cable to charge was to connect the cable and shutdown the device. Once shutdown it will not display a charging sign but will definitely charge the device. The software is not powered on to authenticate the cable. 
Even though this may sound like useless advice for some, trust me when I say it is most valuable information in an emergency. Traveling in a car and you get lost with 1% battery... need I say more.

Jailbroken device

By adding the repo and downloading Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler you could have used the cable. I say could because the repo no longer contains this package. For some reason this has been removed. Once installed the cable still displayed the error above but did charge the device. I am hoping this is due to a new revision so watch this space.
This package is available via xSellize repo but please do not download from there. It is more trouble than its worth.

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