Which Macbook to buy? Air vs Pro, 13" vs 15", Iris vs Iris Pro vs GT 750M.. How I decided

Which Macbook to buy...

  • Air vs Pro
  • 13" vs 15" - (don't see a point to the 11" as I have an iPad)
  • Iris vs Iris Pro vs GT 750M - depends if your decision would be based on graphics.

It might be a bit of a spoiler but you probably know I went for the Macbook Pro 15" with the Nvidia GT 750M dedicated graphics. 

In the video I describe how I decided what I wanted.

Only thing I don't like about the 15" is that its not as slick as the 13" and fair bit heavier. If they did dedicated graphics on the 13" I would have got that in a heartbeat.

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