Using 16x pci-e Nvidia graphis card in 1x or 8x pci-e slot

Having a System x3200 M2 server, which only has a an 1x or an 8x PCI-E slot, meant I had to modify the server to accommodate a 16x ATI Radeon HD 4770 graphics card.

May look primitive that I hacked at the motherboard to accommodate the 16x GFX card but it was a fun way of doing it. Minimal soldering was required (bios memory battery), and by the end of it no change to the case or any other part's were needed to seat this in the 8x slot. Best of all it didn't cost me a penny. 

I could have, if I was the sensible sort, got a riser but it would mean missing out on the hacking fun.

1X to 16X

8X to 16X

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