Macbook Pro

I now own a Macbook pro, but not just any Macbook, I own the all singing all dancing 15" affair with dedicated GT 750M graphics, 15GB RAM, and 512GB storage.

 First impressions:

  • A lot heavier then expected, but I guess thats normal for an all metal case
  • Waaaay smarter looking then the Macbook Air (I was originally going to get), which I didn't really like once i put them side-by-side
  • Even thought the Pro looks slick, the 15" feels more clunkier and less versatile than the 13"
Damn you Apple, why didn't you make a 13" Macbook Pro that had dedicated graphics. Annoying...

I will soon post a video on how I got the Macbook Pro around £500 cheaper than the retail price. I had to make a small comprise :) ...

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