Sunday, 21 December 2014

Use your hosted AdSense account to show ads on your own site or blogspot blogger

Are you wanting to use your AdSense account for a Blogger blog via an already created AdSense Youtube Account? Look no further as I will walk you through how to do this.

I too had this issue, where my Adsense account showed the blog URL as 'Live' but my aAds were showing blank.


This issue is for those who have originally created an AdSense account via YouTube. Most create it via YouTube as it gets approved straight away. If you originally created the Adsense account via Blogger you shouldn't have this restriction and be able to add other blogs and YouTube accounts. 

When you create an AdSense account via YouTube you create what is called an 'Hosted account'. Even though blogger is a Google product, if you try to add your blog to the Hosted AdSense account it will not show the Ads.


The only way to have you Ads displayed on a blog is by applying for a an account upgrade  on your YouTube approved account.

To request an account upgrade you need a top level domain (i.e., you can't submit a .blogspot or other subdomain URL for an upgrade request). Also, you can't display ads on blogspot without an upgrade.

The only other solution, bar an account upgrade, is to close your AdSense account and create a new one via the blog then add your YouTube to this account. The main risk of doing this is you don't know when or even if you will you will be approved.

Official instructions for an account upgrade can be found here:

  • It can take up to a month to have a host account upgrade request reviewed. Just make sure you've implemented the code on the blog, just wait for them to review it. 
  • The notice in your account will stay there until they've completed the review and send you an email.

If your upgrade request is approved for the domain you submitted, then you can display AdSense on any URL you own that meets the guidelines and policies.

I will be doing a step-by-step guide on how to have your AdSense account approved using a GoDaddy domain, so watch this space.


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